5 things to do with Smoked Salmon this Christmas

Created by: Charlotte Rogers

Looking for new recipes for your Christmas smoked salmon? Well look no further, here at Ritchie’s we’re always experimenting with smoked salmon dishes; from canapés and kedgeree to sushi and pâté, we’ve put together 5 of our top smoked salmon picks.

The Christmas Classic

You can’t go wrong with smoked salmon and eggs and if you haven’t tried this combination, be prepared to be enlightened. Our favourite is the classic scrambled eggs and salmon, with a side of buttery toast. This Christmas Classic is sure to go down a storm during the festive period.

Perfect Pâté

Quick, easy and can be done en masse. Simply chop the smoked salmon into tiny pieces, add some lemon, crème fraîche, salt, pepper and our secret ingredient, chopped chilli, to the blender and pulse until the Pâté is at your preferred consistency, whether that be smooth or chunky and serve away. 

Classy Canapés

There are a plethora of nibbles and bites that can be made with smoked salmon. But we’ve gone for smoked salmon & avocado sushi that will really impress your friends and family. The blend of avocado and salmon stuffed with rice, wrapped in seaweed sheets is sure to get the taste buds going.

Sumptuous Sides

Smoked salmon doesn’t always have to be a starter or a main dish; it’s equally satisfying as a side. Smoked salmon dauphinoise are a delicious alternative to your classic dauphinoise. This may seem a bit indulgent, but it’s Christmas after all and there’s never a better time to serve this dish.

King Kedgeree

Finally, we’ve gone with kedgeree as our 5th pick. Having beaten off some stiff competition our smoked salmon kedgeree will hit the spot for brunch. Traditionally made with Haddock, our smoked salmon spin is the prefect alternative and compliments the poached eggs. We’d recommend trying it out this Christmas, especially for any sceptics out there; you won’t be disappointed.

You can find the recipes at the following link: http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/guide/10-things-do-smoked-salmon